I’m not going to tell you what my political leanings are, precisely. That doesn’t matter, and it is important for this to be read as it is; not tainted by what I believe, or what people think I believe.

What started out as a noble advert, ironically; in Adbusters magazine has grown into a morphed and sickening monster. The advert depicted a ballet dancer atop the bull, the famous bronze sculpture symbolising that most important of streets just off-Nassau St. In the background, however; was a group of people who appeared to be shrowded all in black, throwing things; looking lively; causing things to happen.

Instead, Occupy has become so self righteous it is beyond nauseating. As one umbrella organisation it has become bogged down in stodgy decision making (consensus is great, of course it is; but it can be taken to a ridiculous extreme); a sense of its own importance far beyond any that has ever been independently attributed to it.

It is saddening. It could have been a force for real dissent, for co-ordinating civil disobedience and disrupting things. Alas, it is content to stay in areas the state has deemed acceptable; a focus on “non-violence” to the point of apathy (guys, it isn’t violent if it is towards an inanimate object i.e. a coffee shop); and god help you if your views stray from those of the party line.

In the U.K. the most successful action has been placing a banner inside a railway station. When you aim to bring capitalism to its knees, who is processing the thoughts that arrive at that being the best action? Banner drops are never going to end capitalism. It’s all too vague. Where are the marches, the direct actions, the actual energy?

Occupy likes to declare itself as the vanguard of the Anticapitalist movement. From where does this legitimacy stem? Just because you shout the loudest and have tents on public ground does not make you a vehicle through which all dissent must be channelled. We’ve had the Millbank demo, the December student demo and the riots in this country in the last two years. Still Occupy doesn’t get it.

If you’re trying to engage with “the youth” eventually they will get sick enough of being told what to do by Levellers fans toting the Morning Star that they take back their voice. They don’t need you. They do things properly. They don’t happily sit within the confines of a system they despise, and which has neglected them for years. They get it done.

The most fantastic thing is the “state sanctioned” protest aspect of Occupy. Sitting on public land is not a protest. Sitting outside a Cathedral is not a protest. The people at the helm of the movement are steering a course straight into an iceberg of mediocrity and ridicule.

Occupy could have been fantastic. Alas, however like so many groups akin to UAF and others, it has fallen foul of egomania. It’s a shame.