I’m the kind of person who usually is able to “grasp the nettle” of something fairly quickly. Develop if not an expertise, then instead a well-informed opinion on a matter. Not to blow my own trumpet, but to illustrate just how perplexed I am.

America, why have you only just realised that dance music is good? Admittedly, it is your own (yawn) warped version of how everybody else makes it, but still- welcome on board. I know you like to be the best at everything, hence the Superbowl Champions are described as “world champions”; the “World Series of Baseball” (haha!) so on and so on. We get it. You like your own noise.

But Skrillex? Is his music really the best that could be made in order for you to procalim that “EDM”, as you so crassly describe it; has reached the stratospheric heights of being popular? I can’t believe you don’t realise that his music is a cannibalisation of dubstep, a music so far removed from the form that really it does not deserve that epithet. For there is no dub.

Dubstep was born out of immigration to the UK. From an evolution of UK Funky and garage, from acts as diverse as Linton Kwesi Johnson and Kraftwerk. Where is the soul in the american version? Where is the back story?

I don’t understand why Sonny is allowed the moniker of dubstep. I really don’t. It, and he, is more at home in the emo stylings and genre. Sure, artist evolution is fine, as I have written before. But, I don’t know. It just feels wrong. It’s like the whole MK Dons aberration all over again. You’ve no right to it.

So yeah, rejoice like never before. You have discovered that really ordinary blokes sit in their bedrooms playing with knobs (ahem) and make fantastic music. Great.

Just please, step outside your own bubbles. There is a big, culturally rich world out there.