You know sometimes when you get the feeling that something or someone isn’t being entirely honest with you? They are probably aware that you know you don’t trust them, and can not rely on them to be there for you; so instead of admitting it- they just ignore your problem and try and force down your throat a completely unrelated topic?

I’m pretty sure that’s what is happening with these olympics. The ever-so-inept “bastard Tory” governmnet knows it can no longer fob people off with “it was Labour! Blame them! shut up !” so they distract everyone by making the state-run television broadcaster report ceaselessly on whether or not anyone who gives a fuck can get to Stratford.

(The answer is yes. But at the cost of everybody who gives precisely 0 fucks).

It’s not that I am anti-sport. I love sport. There are few more socially inclusive and rewarding experiences than going to a park and taking a football. I am anti this olympiad. I am anti the fact that it is enough to get you evicted from your home for raising the idea that having SAMs on the top of your flat is maybe a bit absurd.

Think about the “security” aspect. Surface to Air Missiles; Destroyer class war ship docked (I’ll say this in italics, so as to convey my astonishment) in Central London; more troops on the streets than I have ever known; 3 hour searching procedures at the venues; a combined effort by G4S, the police AND the crown forces to “secure” the games.

Against whom or what, are the games being protected? The rationale is that the SAMs etc are merely a deterrent to “anybody who is protesting, or trying to make a point” as I saw on the BBC News Channel recently. So the olympics are not only “politically neutral” (ahem bollocks) but they infringe upon the right of the Human which was set out in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”

So LOCOG and the IOC really mean to say that they are happy to break Human Rights Law, so that what? Visa and McDonalds are happy? This is absurd. The truth of it is there is no “terrorist” threat. Only once have the games ever been attacked. The real threat, or perceived threat, to London 2012 is branding. The Ministry of Information refuses to accept that people may wish to pay by cash, or eat something OTHER than the shit McDonalds throw at you. At a time of great economic hardship, as we are constantly reminded weekly on the tele-screens that we can not turn off and which monitor our every reaction; when there have been and will continue to be massive ideological cuts to ensure the poor stay where we are and the rich never get investigated again- was it so wise to be so opulent? The billions wasted on a stadium that will never be re-used in its current form could have “helped reduce the deficit” as our Dear Leaders are always telling us we must do. The quaterly reduction of the deficit has not yet met its required quota, Comrades!

So, yeah, enjoy the sport by all means. But, if you’re willing to accept the drug taking, the tax avoiding, the lack of promised development, the stifling of free speech, the monopolising, the great behemoth of utter wretchedness that is “The Olympic Games”, then by all means continue.

I just want to see sport without all the suits.


What did i do to deserve the contempt? Why does the media portray me as someone who contributes nothing; something worthy of no considerate treatment? Those with employment often talk or write as though envious of us. Please let’s swap then. If you want to live on c. £200 pcm go right ahead.
I will personally swap with you. So you can see all the council housing i don’t have, the lcd tvs i don’t have. D’you see where i am headed?
I have 4 A levels. I played the ‘go to uni even though you’ll hate it game’ thus here I am. My A levels include 2 foreign languages. Am i really worthless? The media never stops to think that people suffer from unemployment. It is damaging psychologically. The stress is awful. The threats pen pushes come out with would be farcical were they not dangerous.
You all clock watch, I get that. Everyone gets bored. However, you know nothing of boredom until you waste hours everyday hoping in vain for just one piece of good luck. That’s all it is. That’s the margin between happiness, acceptance and security -and failure.

So Martin, who was never involved in the war, has shaken hands with the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. He has
now accepted the partition of Éire.

Vote 32CSM or éirígí.

Spending the day listening to soundcloud, in a chat roulette sort of way.

And waiting for the Red Kite to fly back over this way. Majestic bird flying in perfect spirals. Gorgeous.

Looking for early Adele 7″ on the net too. Elusive.


you CAN rap, EG

This may surprise some of you kids out there, but; back in 2007 Example wasn’t the behemoth of chart supremacy he is now. He didn’t make dark, accusatory splices of dubstep pop.

Nah, he was a rapper.

The first record to be catalogued, by virtue of it arriving in the post today; is his offering “You Can’t Rap” b/w “Yes Please”. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard the b-side, it is probably due to artistic integrity refusing to be censored. It’s rude, and funny. As all EG’s early stuff was.

You Can’t Rap really is a showcase for his funny wordplay (Attention seeking, how far should a man go?/ Cut his ear off like Vincent Van Gough?) whilst really addressing perceived notions in UK hip-hop well summarised in the eponymous line (You can’t rap my friend, you’re white and you’re from Fulham/ Please put down the mic there’s no way you can fool them).

Great songs on both sides of this 7″ promo disc, on the newly resurrected Beats label (yes, Mike Skinner blah blah…protegé…blah) catalogued as “BEATS39” and “for promo use only”.


As a young person with a penchant for vinyl which is rapidly outgrowing my capacity to store it properly, it became self evident that a catalogue of sorts needs to be created.

Or a review of everything, whatever. Just be sure I am not willing to sell/trade anyway…unless someone wants to offer something ridiculous.

Anyway, it will not be done in any sort of order whatsoever, just whichever order they are in the pile. Enjoy.

The health and social care bill has passed. “Labour” is having its emergency debate as if to show to us, the public; that “hey, look! We did all we could!” when in reality they did nothing.

The chances are that you too did nothing prevent this abhorrent bill from passing into all but law, thus rationing our care and privatising our NHS that had been created in 1948- a period of austerity far greater and far more essential than the one we are “in” now.

It saddens me that you did nothing. It saddens me that despite our protests, our arrests, our desperation for more people, you did nothing. It saddens me that despite the swathes of data and professional and public opinion, you did nothing. In the face of the polling, you did nothing.


It saddens me beyond words. If you, the public, have chosen to live in a world where you inherently trust the government, and just simply can’t be arsed to fight for your rights, then fuck you. I’m sorry for swearing, but I honestly don’t know what else I can do, I have done everything. I have fought, I have shouted, I have passed along cobbles to the front lines, I have faced down the police on behalf of you.


First, they’ll come for people like me. It’s the Olympics soon, a great time to covertly pass into law any and all “anti-terror” laws the government would like. Ramp up CCTV? Fine, privacy is for paedos remember. Shame on you, because just as now, you will do nothing.

It’s not your fault. You were lied to, and you just choose to believe the liars and the shysters over those of us could see from history what this government meant. And I’m cool with the idea of “someone else will do it”, and I don’t blame you for being so middle class, and so sewn up in this post-apocalyptic dream whereby nothing can affect you- I mean you pay your taxes, you drive your kids to school, you love your god and your wife- why would they privatise your care? You did everything they asked of you.

I do blame you though, for the riots. You won’t ever understand, but it was your complacency, your attitudes, your desire for gated communities, racial profiling, and “customer experiences” that created the conditions rife for social unrest. You failed to heed the warnings, and you sure as hell didn’t listen when the rioters spoke to you in the guardian’s research.

You’ve never suffered any disadvantage, never been harassed by the police.

You did nothing because you are nothing.

It’s people like me, who know our rights, who formulate our own opinions, who refuse to be fed propaganda that will suffer not only from this bill, but all others they intend to introduce. I’m at peace with that, I am safe in the knowledge that what I do is good.

It’s you I worry about. The fact that you let the NHS go says all anyone will ever need, through which to judge you.

But you don’t use it anyway, because you’re healthy. So again, fuck you!  

¡No Pasarán!


Never before had i been so excited to just see a football ground. But it wasn’t just that. It was everything. The bars. The flats. The graffiti. The record shops. The people. The politics. Sankt Pauli, i love you. I don’t ever want to leave. Even St. Georg feels like a different country…

Today? U3 bis Millerntorplatz. Auf geht’s, Jungs.

Yesterday*, courtesy of a very good friend of mine (check him here) I had the most thrilling conversation I’ve had in a while. He catalysed us both yesterday, uttering a simple, mundane set of words that epitomise everything that is wrong with where we live:

“do you think this takes 5ps?”

That was it. Our life has forced upon us such a state of placid nullified existence that the greatest worry we faced yeserday was whether or not a vending machine accepted the third smallest denomination of legal tender. This then got us thinking- is it right that worrying about vending machines is our biggest worry? Why is it our biggest worry? What does that say about us?

It is not right our biggest worry is one concerning refrigerated, convenient snacks. Our biggest worries should be what’s happening to the internet now censorship is unashamedly here; how can we ever enact real change at the ballot box when our “choice” is between Box A and Box B. Our worries should encapsulate the sorry state of affairs where we live.

In our town there isn’t really much to complain about. A succession of wash, change, work, home, eat, sleep. Ordered, quiet, complicit. Where we live people aren’t aware of either themselves or their environment. Neither on an ecological plane nor a social plane. People have allowed themselves to be bowed into doing what they’re told. Bowed into accepting what they cannot see, and thus what they feel they cannot change.

People don’t live in our town, they exist. With the sole aim of producing more than can ever be consumed for the sake of “growth”, for “progress”. For the sake of imaginary terms that mean nothing, terms of which people are living in fear- fear of no progress, no growth. But why? To exist is not to live, it is a half life- one where the beauty and mystery of things is ignored, destroyed or removed for the sake of accommodating an ever growing population, or accommodating an ever growing mountain of waste.

What it says about us, is that over time we have (as a society) become intellectually comatose. People accept they must be subservient or something bad happens- they lose their job or go to prison. Such negative reinforcement from a way of life championed by the “free” and the “brave”. Where is the freedom or bravery in accepting your position? In accepting that you have a place for life? In accepting that nothing can be done to alter the status quo?

*It’s taken me so long to publish this because it didn’t occur to me that we were so absolutely correct. We were, we are. It is now the end of february 2012 and nothing has changed to convince me otherwise.*

I’m angry.

Why am I angry? So many reasons, but mostly the Mecca of all evil (Tesco) advertising for a permanent, full-time Night Shift job working in one of their stores. Fair enough, so far, right? By all means, if people are stupid enough to work for them, so be it.

But no, my problem with it, is the remuneration. There is none. The lucky winner of such a coveted job gets paid only £53 per week, as it is “JSA+ expenses” JSA of course being Job Seekers Allowance.

I am so angry, and yet I can not even articulate my anger as there are so many measures in place to keep online dissent in order.

I do not accept the authority of this government, I do not bow to their threats of keeping people silent online.


Tesco is trying to get away with murder. Bring the class war home to the supermarkets, they have to realise they cannot force their will on the people who have nothing. If you’re angry, don’t wait around for someone to take action for you; don’t wait for the scary “black bloc” to do it for you; pick up a pen, a paint can, a brick, do a Stokes Croft- whatever your weapon is, raise it and rise up.