Finally, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two will see the light of day, with the tracks of Part One and with a release date before that of the “first” part. Confused? Good, this is the Beastie Boys after all, confusion and delays are par for the course.
But wow, what a way to end the silence. Make Some Noise is superb. Kraftwerkian, Moogy, and essentially late 60s and early 70s German sounds- think Organisation, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk’s “Ruckzuck”. A delightful change of direction from solid hip-hop, on paper this may not sound like a great mix. Hip-Hop’s aging grandaddies digging through their vinyls and finding stuff most of the audience will never have heard.
They don’t make it work, however. It just works. Of its own brilliant accord, it fits. It is what all hip-hop would have sounded like had Florian Schneider not invented the vocoder and the arpeggiator never been invented.
All this track has done is to force the Beasties back into music consciousness, to remind us that it is in fact they who own the party, and that they are one of the best acts around. I’m gonna check my head for something to douse those doses of their hot sauce.