I know I often go on about how fantastic an album is, and I do mean it. I tend to only review the good stuff I guess. But after searching around various blogs on the web; I’ve now heard the new offering from dance music’s finest, entitled Further the new Chemical Brothers record clocks in at only 8 tracks, but my are they great tracks.
Snow, the opener is other-worldly with breathy vocals and synths seeping out of the speakers in a transmigratory magnificence.
Escape Velocity is without doubt one of the greatest songs I have ever heard, if rocket launches happened in an environment akin to A Clockwork Orange they would sound like this. Crescendoing throughout, with more than a hint of Adagio For Strings, this track is another hit. That’s the thing with this album, it is hit after hit after hit.
Another World is reminiscent of so many good things, like Cabaret Voltaire, James Murphy, Daft Punk it’s a percussive feast to the ears.
It’s ridiculous to talk of what this album sounds like really, because although it has elements of others, it is uniquely Chemical Brothers in a sound and way that only they can accomplish. The songs fit together in a manner that isn’t always realised on albums, no matter how grand the concept behind them. But this album, although not containing an obvious Top 40 hit, except maybe Escape Velocity; is still their best effort. No argument, it is everything a CB album should be.
They boys are back in town, and my god is it a noisier, brighter, happier town for their return.

*EDIT- this was after my first listen, as there’s going to be a blog about The Drums today, too. Will update soon with more in depth analysis*